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The Harris gift


The year was 1916 —Woodrow Wilson was running for reelection, the the U.S. was one year away from joining WWI, American women were not allowed to vote, and “separate but equal” racism divided the country. It was 100 years ago

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A home for history


In 2014, over 18 million Americans traveled to Washington, D.C. Many of them walked the stairs of the Capitol building, posed for a picture outside the White House, and joined the ranks of locals, schoolchildren, and tourists exploring the long

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Full feministing


The Burton Morgan auditorium was packed for Jessica Valenti’s talk: audience members huddled on the stairs, lined up along the walls, crowded in the doorways. And when Valenti asked the full house who identified as a feminist, nearly every hand

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Professors of the future


At a recent faculty meeting, Provost Kim Coplin announced the eight faculty members who have received tenure this year. The professors represent a diverse group of academic disciplines including political science, English, history, economics, communication, philosophy, international studies, religion, women’s

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Written By: Maggie Ranger '14 and Ginny Sharkey '83

It takes a campus

It Takes A Campus

In these hurried times, it has come to be abbreviated: MLK Day. But shortening the name of a holiday isn’t really the problem–rather, it’s what could be called an unspoken national assumption that just one day could ever be enough

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Founding feminists

Founding Feminists

When Joan Straumanis came to Denison as a philosophy professor in 1971, she was introduced at her first faculty meeting as a “real feminist hell raiser.” “That marked me the whole first year,” she says. “It was necessary for me

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