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Active minds


When Kristina Keidel ‘17 arrived at Denison, Active Minds was an inactive chapter that had lost contact with the national organization. About four to six people would show up to meetings. They very rarely planned programs or events. Still, Keidel

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '16

Less stress

Less Stress

When the results came in for the 2011 National College Health Assessment Survey, a survey done for the first time at Denison that year, Molly Thurlow-Collen, interim director of health services, and Catherine Champagne, coordinator of alcohol drug, and health

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Written By: Maggie Ranger '14

The library gets all warm and fuzzy

The Library Gets All Warm And Fuzzy

There’s nothing unusual about a crowded library during finals week. But Thursday afternoon, the atrium was overflowing with positively giddy students huddled around some very special guests—three dogs and a cat. The animals were visiting Denison courtesy of the library

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