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The big league


Like any true sports fan, Alex Kaufman ’17 speaks in inspirational quotes. His favorite lately? “You create your own luck.” This is a philosophy that has worked particularly well for him during the past couple weeks when he interviewed ESPN

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Doobie’s man down under


If you’ve been paying attention to the Doobie’s web site lately, you might have noticed that Denison’s student-run radio station has been getting exclusive interviews with prominent musical acts from Australia and New Zealand. It all started a few days

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '15

Getting silly with Steve


It’s not news. It’s not life-changing. But it’s Spring Break, so here’s some silly fun with Steve Carell ’84 chatting with Jimmy Fallon about his new movie, his first date, and his gig as a DJ on WDUB Radio at

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‘Sapphire’ Steve Carell ’84 gives a shout-out to campus radio station

'Sapphire' Steve Carell Gives Shout-Out To Campus Radio Station

Maybe your summer job has been keeping you out of circulation, or maybe a vacation at the lake has provided some welcome respite, but unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you know that Steve

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Photo Credits: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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