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Come closer


Capturing the experience of the tiny tutti tasting tour 2016 in words is difficult, given the multifaceted performances along with the overall broad artistic vision. Yet, I think Adam Weinberg put it best in the beginning of the event, when

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Written By: Landon Slangerup '17

Connecting off the grid


For many, the bitter cold outside translates to staying inside and watching Netflix — and with new bright-screened technology coming out at a rapid pace, it keeps getting easier to have one’s eyes almost constantly screen-locked. But one residential option

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Written By: Landon Slangerup '17

Curtis codebreakers


All across the Curtis veggie lounge, students, staff, and faculty gathered together around tables, hunched over each others’ screens, working on the problem posed by their computers. Over the ambient sound of mouse clicks, key taps and conversation, you could

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New dimensions


“One of the great things about math and art is that they’re both really creative. In the end you’re making stuff, whether it’s mathematical formulas, developing ideas or communicating in the arts,”explains Christian Faur. Faur, Denison’s director of collaborative technologies,

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Written By: Cheyanne Cierpial ‘16

That’s teamwork


Lights. Color. Motion. These are traditional elements of a video game. But are they enough? When Ashwin Lall, assistant professor of computer science, first created a class on video game design he focused on the algorithms, principles and execution that

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Written By: Antrim Ross '16

Audio facelift


“The architects who designed Swasey Chapel in the 1920s could teach a few things to today’s designers,” said Ed Dugger, an architectural acoustics consultant who is updating the venerable building’s sound equipment. The Denison University landmark was built in 1924,

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The Alchemistress


Before “selfie” was 2013’s word of the year, before Instagram was an app on everyone’s home screen, even before roads were paved and major cities had electricity, people loved pictures of themselves. With the shape, size, and form of these

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Written By: Rose Schrott ’14
Photo Credits: Black and white photograph by Jeff Johnson, staff photographer for Patagonia.

Robotics, computing & society

Robotics, Computing & Society

In a world flooded with technology, it’s easy to go about your day without wondering how it all works. So when Tom Bressoud was planning a first-year studies course focused on computer science, he wanted to find a way to

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It’s a Google world

It's A Google World

Back in 2006, Lisa Bazley, chief information technology officer and director of computing services, and her Information Technology Services team brought campus-wide Wi-Fi to the college. Soon thereafter, students, armed with laptops, were downloading reference materials, uploading research papers, and

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Arts and sciences with The Works

The Works

Some might say this is a match made in heaven. No, not Prince William and Kate Middleton—it’s Denison and The Works that can’t get enough of each other. The Works is a unique museum, just down the road in the

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Video Credits: The Works

This article is not editable: Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales visits campus

Wales On Wiki

Jimmy Wales was all over campus on Wednesday, Dec. 8, meeting with students and talking about his ubiquitous brainchild, Wikipedia. His visit was part of this year’s slate of events tied to the Spectrum Series campus theme, “Community and Technology.”

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A few thoughts on Wikipedia

Library Director Scottie Cochrane

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales speaks tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Swasey Chapel, as part of this year’s Spectrum Series theme, “Technology and Community.” It’s a perfect time to check in with Library Director Scottie Cochrane—who operates at the center of

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Written By: Library Director Scottie Cochrane

iTunes U: Learning on demand

Learning on Demand

At least for now, with finals looming, students aren’t going out looking for extra learning opportunities. Soon enough, though, those intellectually restless history majors will be looking to get their astrophysics on whenever they can—that’s liberal arts for you. At

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