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Skip the internship? Two views.


If your college community is anything like mine, you’re probably surrounded by peers who find themselves stressed out this time of year as a result of internship applications. ‘Tis the season for figuring out what you’re gonna do this summer.

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Written By: Ryan Erickson '16 & Nick Gesue '01

Tying knots


Airports display the human condition in some of its most authentic moments: the lingering hugs at the departure gate, the nervous pacing near the arrivals board, and the excited jogs that end in embraces at passenger pick-up. The beginning of

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Written By: Erin Worden '17

What did you do this summer?


This summer, while awesome Denison students were teaching in Costa Rica, dancing in New York, learning about marketing in Senegal, and thinking about urban planning in Boston, life continued on campus. Summer scholars partnered with faculty on their research projects,

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Out to the ballgame


Some students are so acclimated to life on college hill that it seems natural to relocate to another hill for the summer — Capitol Hill. This year alone there are more than 20 Denison students interning across Washington D.C., including

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Written By: Meghan Pearce '16

As they like it


Here’s a riddle: What do kazoos, a Darth Vader mask, wooden horses, water guns, and kilts have in common? To a casual passerby, the table piled high with these items in the Burke Black Box Theatre looks like a junkyard.

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Hawkeye and Hot Lips and Klinger … oh my!


Ideas for research projects come in all shapes and forms. It could be a class, conversation, or for summer scholar Emily Smith ’15, watching a TV Land rerun. Smith, who is researching the TV series M*A*S*H (1972-1983), first discovered the

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Written By: Rose Schrott '14

Inside perspectives


It was 4:30 in the morning and the alarm wouldn’t stop. It was June 4 and time for this year’s 17 Organizational Studies (OS) Summer Session students to start their day (in suits and skirts, no less). At least, this

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Written By: Rose Schrott '14

For the village pedalers

For The Village Pedalers

If you’re not looking for it, you might just miss the entrance to the Thomas J. Evans Trail in Granville (a.k.a. the Granville Bike Path). Tucked just behind Granville Milling on one side and the old train station on the

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See you next summer, summer!

See You Next Summer, Summer!

DEN SHOTS: Today is officially the last day of summer, so we’re celebrating the end of the season past with a quick glance back at the hot and hazy days when nothing tasted so cool as an ice pop–especially these

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How to catch an iguana

How to Catch An Iguana

Few people can put “iguana-catcher” on their resume, but six Denison students became experts early this summer during a research trip to the Bahamas. There, they participated in the longest-running known study of iguanas under the tutelage of Geoff Smith,

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Granville on holiday

Granville On Holiday

So what goes on at Denison over the Fourth of July? Not much, but … Although the college closes for the long weekend, that’s not to say that there’s nothing going on down the hill in Granville. By contrast, our

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Summer is no time for a break

Summer Is No Time For A Break

Eight Denison students gathered in the lecture hall in the Burton D. Morgan Center and studied a giant screen that revealed the inner workings of a research lab at the Owens Corning Science and Technology Center in Granville. The Fortune

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Blinding with science

Summer Scholars Science Symposium

Over the summer, Matt Matteri ’11, a geosciences major, spent three weeks in Utah observing and documenting rock structures in the Northern Confusion Range. He then returned to campus to create a geologic map of the area—the first of its

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Learning the ropes

Learning the Ropes: Denison Outdoor Orientation

The first three days of the new students’ college experience are busy ones. Orientation, taking place at Denison this year Aug. 26-29, is a time for meeting a ton of new people, moving into a new “second home,” and becoming

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Photo Credits: Christy Trager (DEUCE Photos)

Make it happen

Make It Happen

So you want to change the world. How do you take your next step? Denison students are exploring the answers this week, during a six-day social entrepreneurship workshop called “Make It Happen,” which is offered by Denison’s Burton D. Morgan

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