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Skip the internship? Two views.

Posted in Beyond Campus on March 18, 2016

A current senior and an ’01 alumnus exchange views on how to make good use of those college summers.

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Tying knots

Posted in Beyond Campus on November 13, 2015

Erin Worden ’17 discovers the importance of relationships when it comes to changing the world.

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What did you do this summer?

Posted in On Campus on August 31, 2015

A guide to the latest updates around campus.

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Out to the ballgame

Posted in Beyond Campus on June 30, 2015

Junior Meghan Pearce recounts her experience meeting Illinois Representative Bob Dold ’91 and the many other Denison connections — some purposeful, others unexpected — that are happening in Washington, D.C., this summer.

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As they like it

Posted in On Campus on July 23, 2014

A whole summer season of theatre started with a Facebook post and a little pasta.

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Hawkeye and Hot Lips and Klinger … oh my!

Posted in Academics & Research on July 11, 2014

One summer scholar is finding that M*A*S*H can teach us plenty about history and war — but there’s a lot to learn about gender roles, too. Take, for example, “Hot Lips” Houlihan …

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Inside perspectives

Posted in Beyond Campus on June 25, 2014

Every summer, the Organizational Studies Program sends students across the country — and now, across the ocean — to study organizations from the inside out.

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For The Village Pedalers

For the village pedalers

Posted in Beyond Campus on September 11, 2012

We headed out to Granville’s bike path for a ride and brought you a few scenes from the trail.

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See You Next Summer, Summer!

See you next summer, summer!

Posted in Sights & Sounds on September 22, 2011

It’s the last official day of summer, and although it was a hot season, Admissions found a way to make it cool.

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How to Catch An Iguana

How to catch an iguana

Posted in Academics & Research on July 8, 2011

Bio students travel to the Bahamas for hands-on (literally) research of the most endangered iguanas in the world.

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Granville On Holiday

Granville on holiday

Posted in Sights & Sounds on July 5, 2011

Featuring fireworks, fair food, and fun on the Fourth, the Village of Granville celebrates Independence Day 2011 in style.

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Summer Is No Time For A Break

Summer is no time for a break

Posted in Academics & Research on June 17, 2011

For students in the 2011 Organizational Studies Summer Session, learning was much more than business as usual.

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Summer Scholars Science Symposium

Blinding with science

Posted in Academics & Research on September 3, 2010

It was all about nucleotides, polymerases, and PR2 yesterday, as students showcased their summer research at the Science Scholars Research Symposium. Get yourself photoexcited by our Flickr slideshow!

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Learning the Ropes: Denison Outdoor Orientation

Learning the ropes

Posted in On Campus on August 25, 2010

Whether it’s through service, collaborating with artists, or hiking in the woods, Denison first-year students are acquiring the skills they need to succeed in college.

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Make It Happen

Make it happen

Posted in On Campus on August 24, 2010

Students get hopped up on pizza, caffeine, and ideas for social change at the ‘Make It Happen’ social entrepreneurship workshop, a six-day summer program.

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