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Come closer

Posted in Academics & Research on March 7, 2016

A condensed version of the biennial “TUTTI Festival” keeps the fine arts collaborative energy alive.

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Meet the new class

Posted in On Campus on February 23, 2016

Congratulate this year’s new class of tenured professors, who will be officially promoted in the fall of 2016.

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‘Capture a fear’

Posted in Beyond Campus on April 16, 2015

A photography class assignment challenged one student to leave his comfort zone.

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Place your bids

Posted in On Campus on April 14, 2015

You’ll be supporting a good cause, and with a high enough bid, taking home an original work of art.

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Tutti = all together

Tutti = all together

Posted in On Campus on March 12, 2015

In a celebration of collaboration, Denison’s biennial festival of new music expanded this year to embrace all the arts.

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Outside the box

Posted in On Campus on February 18, 2015

In a campus-wide art exhibition, students are challenged to think about the spaces in which their work will be displayed.

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Imagining the other

Posted in Academics & Research on December 18, 2014

A liberal arts mash-up makes space for art and science to imagine new forms of life together.

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Bowls on bowls on bowls

Posted in On Campus on November 12, 2014

The 2014 Bowl-A-Thon combines handmade bowls, delicious soup, and a good cause.

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Sketchbooks, not smartphones

Posted in On Campus on September 25, 2014

Artist Don Colley stopped by campus to capture some sights and inspire students.

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Chelsea Flowers '13

Blossoming artist

Posted in Academics & Research on March 29, 2013

The work of multimedia artist Chelsea Flowers ’13 is part autobiography, part personal therapy—and now it’s award-winning.

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Columbus In Color

Columbus in color

Posted in Beyond Campus on January 8, 2013

How do you depict a skyline using crayons—without ever using them to draw a single line? Watch this time lapse video to find out.

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Rachel Laughlin '14 used images of bacteria cultures in her Advanced Photogray course.

Art magnified

Posted in Academics & Research on November 16, 2012

Rachel Laughlin ’14 combined biology and photography to create stunning images featuring scenes from under the microscope.

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You Are Special (and You Are Not Alone)

You are special (and you are not alone)

Posted in Beyond Campus on August 20, 2012

An exhibition of art by Xiaoshi “Vivian” Qin ’12 in Columbus’ groovy Short North district.

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The People's Choice

The people’s choice

Posted in Beyond Campus on April 18, 2012

Senior Brittany Kunkel just won the People’s Choice Award in a competition that pitted her against the best and brightest college artists in the state.

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Sculpting The Unseen

Sculpting the ‘Unseen’

Posted in Academics & Research on February 3, 2011

Using dreams as inspiration, Xiaoshi “Vivian” Qin ’12 relied on clay and glass to express her spirituality.

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Ryan Humbert and Emily Bates '04. Photo courtesy of

Denison in the Blogosphere (1/6/11)

Posted in Beyond Campus on January 6, 2011

The best Denison-related content on the interwebs.

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Bowl-ing Downhill

Bowl-ing downhill

Posted in On Campus on November 3, 2010

The DU Art Collective’s annual Bowl-a-Thon taps the artistic urges of an entire community with the cause of helping its less fortunate members.

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The brush strokes of reconciliation

Posted in Academics & Research on October 22, 2010

Political Science major Erin Saul ’11 uses her studio art background to delve deep into Northern Ireland’s troubled past.

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Fast-forward through the decades to “You’ve come a long way baby,” an exhibit co-curated by Natalie Marsh and museum interns Hannah Miller ’12 and Melissa Grannetino ’12, and based on research by Robert Jackler of Stanford University. The wall-to-wall display of cigarette advertisements creates a cube of colorful snapshots into the past, including a bride posing with a pack of smokes. Many of the ads parallel the women’s liberation movement by portraying cigarettes as “torches of freedom.” The advertisements depict smoking as part of every social experience, from cocktail parties, to sailing, to horseback riding. They often feature blithe phrases as free as the smoke trailing towards the black frames, encouraging women to “believe in yourself” and “be happy – go Lucky.”

Finding art in unlikely places

Posted in On Campus on September 29, 2010

From vagabonds to Virginia Slims: A look inside Denison Museum’s latest exhibitions.

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