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Meet the new class


Every January brings the start of the spring semester, snow, and a meeting of the Board of Trustees, who make the final decision to award tenure to a crop of eligible associate professors. In a small busy community that’s constantly

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Lessons of Ebola


The Ebola headlines have fallen away from the front pages, replaced now by Donald Trump and ISIS — although the deadly virus is moving at a much slower pace than it was a year ago, it still hasn’t been completely

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Hope and health


Alana Murray ‘16 distinctly remembers the eye-opening experience when her third grade Girl Scout troop volunteered at a soup kitchen. “What do these people do when the kitchen is closed?” she asked her dad, who replied honestly, “I guess they

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Denison’s next president

Denison's Next President

Chair of the Board of Trustees Tom Hoaglin ’71 was delighted to announce today (Nov. 1, 2012) at the general faculty meeting that Adam Weinberg will become Denison’s 20th president, succeeding Dale Knobel, who will retire on June 30, 2013,

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Love and the liberal arts


When we first learned about Susan Kennedy’s lecture on the neuroscience of love, we just knew it had to be our Valentine’s Day story. But it also got us thinking about how love, that coolest, most human of qualities, might play

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Skeletons in the room

Skeletons In The Room

Associate Professor of Geosciences Dave Goodwin’s class Biodiversity Through Time enjoyed a visit today from Donald Johanson, world famous paleontologist and discoverer of “Lucy,” one of the earliest members of genus Australopithecus: A. afarensis. Students and faculty were treated to

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Finding community amid conflict

Finding Community In Northern Ireland

Q & A with Summer Scholar Meg Gaertner ’12: How are you approaching the topic? I’m studying the identity politics of international conflicts and the role that grassroots, bottom-up peace-building—like community-building, reconciliation efforts, and especially sustained dialogues—have in building sustainable

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iTunes U: Learning on demand

Learning on Demand

At least for now, with finals looming, students aren’t going out looking for extra learning opportunities. Soon enough, though, those intellectually restless history majors will be looking to get their astrophysics on whenever they can—that’s liberal arts for you. At

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Making refugees feel at home

Helping Refugees In Ohio

Erik Singh, a senior from Pemberville, Ohio, likes to help people to settle in. He became involved in the plight of the Somali population in central Ohio two years ago when he joined the Denison chapter of the Roosevelt Institute,

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Amber, aliens & the American diaspora

Amber, Aliens, and the American Diaspora

Curtis Veggie, on the West Quad, is typically the place for special banquets. But on this particular September day, the menu was philosophy and political science, anthropology and art, economics and English, as scores of 2010 Summer Scholars served up

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