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Spring break challenge: #DenisonProud


    Before spring break, our president threw down the gauntlet, asking students to report in from all corners of the globe with photos and hashtag (#DenisonProud) to show us what you were up to during break. Prizes were offered

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Keep his spirit alive


On Monday (Jan. 25), Denison’s Gospel Choir took the stage at Swasey and burst into song. The highlight: a Denison rendition of “Glory” from the movie Selma. It was part of the college’s Martin Luther King Jr. celebration—a combination of

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Photo Credits: Tim Black Photography, Nelson Dow '16

The yin and yang of Yik Yak


Many of the largest tech successes boil down to simple ideas: an exclusive online community, a way to share images, a place to publicize your review of a restaurant. As more people use these interfaces, their elementary foundations become social

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Channel us . . .


It may be summertime, but things don’t slow down at Denison.  Faculty and students are working on research, first-years are planning their classes, and, among many other activities, there’s the weekly concert held on South Quad and hosted by Granville’s

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The big league


Like any true sports fan, Alex Kaufman ’17 speaks in inspirational quotes. His favorite lately? “You create your own luck.” This is a philosophy that has worked particularly well for him during the past couple weeks when he interviewed ESPN

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What are you doing Wednesday night?

What Are You Doing Wednesday Night?

Denisonians are gathering for a little grub and conversation at The Grid in Chicago. They’re meeting for drinks at the West Flanders Brewing Company on Pearl St. in Colorado. They’ll be chatting and reminiscing at the Elephant & Castle in

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That’s what he tweets

That's What He Tweets

It was only a matter of time…With the Bronx Zoo Cobra, Angelina Jolie’s leg, and your grandma all on Twitter, it’s only right that our favorite Hollywood funnyman—Steve Carell ’84—has finally joined the Tweeterverse. His first tweet was less than

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Photo Credits: Denison Archives and Mark Seliger of GQ

Something new for Denisonians…everywhere


When Denisonians leave the Hill upon graduation and scatter across the globe, many keep close, lifelong ties with friends they made here. But in many other cases the new adventures of life will draw distance between those friends and classmates,

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Wired for blogging

Wired for Blogging

Wired Science Blogs, a daily online publication from the folks at Wired, has a new science star onboard. Erik Klemetti, assistant professor of geosciences, has relaunched his wildly popular “Eruptions” blog on the Wired platform. Since the blog’s initial launch

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A fervent DEN reader

This month, our baby celebrates its very first birthday. To show how time flies, consider this: last August, TheDEN reported on major construction just beginning in earnest at Ebaugh Labs. Last week, we gave you a video tour of the

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The Royal Wedding and … Denison?


On Friday morning, the world was abuzz as Prince William and Kate Middleton prepared to walk down the aisle and exchange vows. And after Colleen Russo ’12 and her friends on campus appeared on the E! Entertainment Television special, “Live from

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Written By: Emily Hopcian ’12

When volcanoes are overblown

Erik Klemetti, assistant professor of geosciences

Here’s what happened: Late last year, a scientific journal published a paper on a magma surge at Yellowstone. Sounds scary, right? Sure, volcanoes are scary. There was a lot of sophisticated monitoring going on, and the hard science didn’t indicate

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Written By: Natalie Olivo '13

Should you ‘friend’ your parents?


We have absolutely no idea. But Brooke Oberwetter ’02, who is associate manager for policy communications at Facebook, took on that issue and a few others yesterday on The Washington Post blog, Campus Overload Live. The interview was in honor

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Everybody’s working for this Wednesday…

Denisonians at last year's event in the Cleve

From Granville to Buenos Aires, Denisonians will be massing on Wednesday night for the annual alumni get-together After Work with Denison…Everywhere! The numbers keep growing, but, as of now, there are more than 40 events planned in locations all over

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