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‘An internationally respected statesman’

President Barak Obama bestows the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, upon Denison alumnus Sen. Richard Lugar '54.

In a White House ceremony on Nov. 20, Denison alumnus and former U.S. Sen. Richard G. Lugar ’54 was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. The award, which was established by President John F. Kennedy

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Meeting in the middle

Olympia Snowe spoke to a crowd in Swasey as part of the Richard G. Lugar Symposium in Public Policy, named for former Senator Richard Lugar '54, who joined her on stage.

After her husband, Peter Snowe, was killed in a car accident, Olympia Snowe was urged by family and friends to run for his seat in the Maine House of Representatives. She won that election and every election afterward, including runs

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Life on ‘the other hill’

Left to right: row 1: Nicole Jimenez '12, Sarah Kelly '12, Stephanie Hynes '12, Christina Bazak '12, Umeshi Rajeendra '13, Brooke Felts '12; row 2: Connor Ford '14, Robert Moore '12, Stephen Czujko '13, Atanu Chakravarty '13 row 3: Will Rumford '12. Andy Gordon '12, Sam Fleuter '13, Steven Profitt '12, Robert Gardner '12, William Altman '12.

Being a scholar in the summer definitely has its up side. Check out this group of Denison students who’ve spent four weeks interning in D.C. They’ve just fulfilled the four-week internship requirement for Denison’s unique Richard G. Lugar Program in

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Threat reduction in Africa

Threat Reduction In Africa

On Nov. 14, Senator Richard G. Lugar ’54 (R-Ind.) returned from a trip to Africa where he and a panel of Pentagon arms experts inspected sites that represent a new wave of international security concerns. In Uganda and Kenya, they visited

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