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Crossing paths


We’re all social beings, and during the course of most days we find ourselves drawn to certain places where we know or sense we might find other people. Ecological psychologist Harry Heft sees something more critical than sociability in this

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Quality time


Last Tuesday, members of Denison’s ensemble-in-residence, ETHEL, could be seen unloading their bags and instruments and walking into the fine arts guest house at the bottom of the main drag, their retreat for four days while working with students and

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Go ahead, pick up that controller


Recent research shows that 90 percent of school-aged kids regularly play video games, and when they go to bed, their parents are picking up the controllers — 70 percent of “heads of household” routinely try their hands at digital tests

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Written By: Rachel Morrison ’16

Lessons from the barn


It’s an unspoken rule: every student or group of friends has a “spot” during finals week. This is the place where they drink coffee, stare blankly at computer screens, pull their hair out over text books, and occasionally (depending on

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Written By: Rose Schrott '14

Yes, another story about the Royal Baby …


The throngs of well-wishers have headed home. The PR department in Buckingham Palace is getting a little break. And the famous golden easel has been put away. Now the realities of motherhood are setting in for the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '16
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A life of learning

Dr. Cynthia Baum ’78 confers honorary degree to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former president of Costa Rica, Dr. Óscar Arias Sánchez, at Walden’s 48th Commencement Ceremony in August 2012

Cynthia Baum ’78 had expected to become a clinical psychologist after graduation. But as it turned out, she never strayed far from academic life. After more than 20 years in education, Baum is about to wrap up her first year

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Be kind to one another

Be Kind To One Another

No one likes a bully. So why is there an apparent rise of bullying in segments of our society? In her recently submitted senior research project, Colleen Russo ’12, a cum laude psychology major from Iowa City, explored a relationship

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The myths of motherhood

The Myths Of Motherhood

New mothers are taught a lot before they even leave the hospital. But when it comes to preparing for their babies emotionally, moms are often on their own. Erin Henshaw, assistant professor of psychology, and her team of student researchers

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Written By: Natalie Olivo ’13

More than a feeling

More Than A Feeling

Susan Kennedy, associate professor of psychology, is teaching her advanced neuroscience students about what goes on in the brain of someone who is head over heels. She references a study, wherein people who described themselves as being “in love” were

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Written By: Natalie Marie Olivo ’13

New Year’s resolution tips

New Year's Resolution Tips

Ok, so now it’s the first week of January and the clock is ticking as you face the reality of actually keeping that New Year’s resolution. Erin Henshaw, an assistant psychology prof who specializes in cognitive behavior therapy, says that

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The truth about tryptophan

The Truth about Tryptophan

Before sitting down to that big turkey dinner this Thursday, we sat down with Susan Kennedy, associate professor of psychology (one of her research interests is psychopharmacology) and quizzed her on the science behind tryptophan. Does eating turkey really make

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The human family tree

Family Ties

Inquiring minds of all ages gathered in the Burton D. Morgan Center lecture hall this week to watch The Human Family Tree, a documentary film that traces the genetic heritage of Homo sapiens — all seven billion of us. Nestor

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Photo Credits: Becky Hale, National Geographic

Now hear this

Now Hear This

For the gazillionth time, the man on TV says, “Can you hear me now?” We hear him all right. Our brains have processed the sound, along with other information, like the direction from which the sound emanates. In Professor Nestor

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The Diva of Disclosure

Description of class, etc.

Human memory expert Elizabeth Loftus, once called the “Diva of Disclosure” by Psychology Today, came to campus on Wednesday, Sept. 16, to talk with students in several classrooms and also during a lunch with psychology majors. The larger campus community

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Blinding with science

Summer Scholars Science Symposium

Over the summer, Matt Matteri ’11, a geosciences major, spent three weeks in Utah observing and documenting rock structures in the Northern Confusion Range. He then returned to campus to create a geologic map of the area—the first of its

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