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More than a feeling

More Than A Feeling

Susan Kennedy, associate professor of psychology, is teaching her advanced neuroscience students about what goes on in the brain of someone who is head over heels. She references a study, wherein people who described themselves as being “in love” were

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Written By: Natalie Marie Olivo ’13

Now hear this

Now Hear This

For the gazillionth time, the man on TV says, “Can you hear me now?” We hear him all right. Our brains have processed the sound, along with other information, like the direction from which the sound emanates. In Professor Nestor

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This is your brain on caffeine

This Is Your Brain On Caffeine

On Saturday, Nov. 6, several science professors and the student-officers of NERD (Neuroscience Education & Research at Denison) hosted 41 Columbus area high school students in Burton Morgan Center for a day of hands-on “brain” science. The high schoolers were

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Blinding with science

Summer Scholars Science Symposium

Over the summer, Matt Matteri ’11, a geosciences major, spent three weeks in Utah observing and documenting rock structures in the Northern Confusion Range. He then returned to campus to create a geologic map of the area—the first of its

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