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Come closer


Capturing the experience of the tiny tutti tasting tour 2016 in words is difficult, given the multifaceted performances along with the overall broad artistic vision. Yet, I think Adam Weinberg put it best in the beginning of the event, when

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Written By: Landon Slangerup '17

Looking at identities


Surprisingly little-known bit of Denison trivia: we have what is probably the largest collection of Burmese art and artifacts outside of Burma, now Myanmar, thanks to donations from Denison’s many Baptist missionary alumni during the late 19th and early 20th

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '15
Photo Credits: Jenny Kim '16

Turtle island cool


Good news: there are still some tickets available to hear the Turtle Island Quartet tonight (Friday, Feb. 13) at 7 p.m., so stop at the Vail table inside the front doors of Swasey chapel before the show. The quartet specializes

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Photo Credits: Bill Reitzel

Back to Burma

Temples of Bagan, Burma, Myanmar, Asia.

As admissions tours move from Beth Eden to their first stop, Swasey Chapel, student guides begin their story: “Denison was founded in 1831 by Baptist ministers. While we are no longer affiliated with the church, we still use our chapel

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If these walls could talk

One of Etz' favorite pieces from the Little Boxes exhibition is this dollhouse created by Yinka Shonibare.

Last year, Karly Etz ’13 worked in the Denison Museum with three staff members and nine student workers. This summer, she’s working with dozens of staff members at The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Fla. “It’s a

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Photo Credits: Yinka Shonibare (Britain, active Nigeria/Britain, born 1962, Dollhouse, "Diary of a Victorian Dandy:14:00," 2002, mixed media)

Novel ink

Drew Johnson '14

Drew Johnson, a Spanish and communication double major and studio art minor, discovered something new about himself during his Introduction to Printmaking class. “When I paint and draw, I try to present images that will be visually appealing to other

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Photo Credits: Ryan Li '15

The view from Luxor

The View From Luxor

Marisa Zemesarajs ’16, an art history major and chemistry minor from Vermillion, Ohio, relishes working at the Denison Museum. Her job gives her an inside peek at the museum’s inner workings, something that’s important to her plans for the future.

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Written By: Marisa Zemesarajs '16

Nine by nine

Nine By Nine

Imagine yourself in an Aladdin’s cave filled with treasures. Now imagine that you’re presented with a choice—select a single precious object from the thousands around you. Nine senior Denison Museum interns were presented with that challenge when they were offered

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In this issue …

In This Issue ...

The Denison Magazine staff is putting the last-minute touches on the next issue, which should be arriving in mailboxes by month’s end. The December issue is full of some of the cool things happening at Denison and beyond, including a

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Tea time

Tea Time

When folks strolled into the lobby of Burke Hall on Sunday, they sauntered up to the bar—a tea bar, actually. There they had their pick between three varieties of tea supplied by ZenCha Tea Salon in Columbus, including matcha, the

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Wood and (tea) leaves

Denison Museum's new director, Sherry Harlacher

When the Denison Museum opens its doors on Friday, September 16, for the first exhibition of the year, it’ll be pretty hard to miss the canoe. It’s been hauled out after 40 years in storage, carefully cleaned with Q-tips, and

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You might have to go 8,527 miles to find a better collection

You Might Have to Go 8,527 miles to Find a Better Collection

A recent gift to the Denison Museum has made what used to be one of the best collections of Burmese art in the world even better. Here’s how it happened: Owen Lee has lived near Granville for 25 years, but

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Telling the stories of art

Photo courtesy of ColumbusMuseum.org

This New Year’s Day, Nannette Maciejunes ’75 will unveil the Columbus Museum of Art’s new $6.9 million renovation. As the museum’s executive director, Maciejunes says the new facilities will highlight the different stories of the museum’s art collection. “I want

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Finding art in unlikely places

Fast-forward through the decades to “You’ve come a long way baby,” an exhibit co-curated by Natalie Marsh and museum interns Hannah Miller ’12 and Melissa Grannetino ’12, and based on research by Robert Jackler of Stanford University. The wall-to-wall display of cigarette advertisements creates a cube of colorful snapshots into the past, including a bride posing with a pack of smokes. Many of the ads parallel the women’s liberation movement by portraying cigarettes as “torches of freedom.” The advertisements depict smoking as part of every social experience, from cocktail parties, to sailing, to horseback riding. They often feature blithe phrases as free as the smoke trailing towards the black frames, encouraging women to “believe in yourself” and “be happy – go Lucky.”

By Natalie Olivo ’13 Except for the lack of sirens and car horns blaring in Granville, the Denison Museum feels like it’s tucked into a cultural corner of downtown Manhattan. Flanking the entrance is a room with glass walls that

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