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Keep his spirit alive


On Monday (Jan. 25), Denison’s Gospel Choir took the stage at Swasey and burst into song. The highlight: a Denison rendition of “Glory” from the movie Selma. It was part of the college’s Martin Luther King Jr. celebration—a combination of

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Photo Credits: Tim Black Photography, Nelson Dow '16

A threat to justice everywhere


“Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” — Martin Luther King, Jr.  What’s the most important issue in the United States since its founding in 1776? According to James W. Loewen, author, sociologist, and the keynote speaker of this

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Call and response


At Denison, celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s work takes more than just one day in January. Students gathered in Slayter auditorium on Jan. 23 to begin the four-day celebration under the theme, “Call and Response,” which started with service projects

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Learning from Dr. King … and one another

Learning From Dr. King … And One Another

Denison didn’t hold regular classes on Monday, Jan. 21—but there was no interruption in teaching and learning. There was a service fair, an all-campus lunch, a community convocation, and a series of “teach-ins” for what has become the college’s annual

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Photo Credits: Ryan Li ’15

The courage to create a just world

King On The HIll

Denison’s 2013 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, themed “The Courage to Create a Just World,” encompasses a host of related events. Included are an evening interfaith service on Sunday, Jan. 20, and a Day of Learning on Monday, Jan.

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It takes a campus

It Takes A Campus

In these hurried times, it has come to be abbreviated: MLK Day. But shortening the name of a holiday isn’t really the problem–rather, it’s what could be called an unspoken national assumption that just one day could ever be enough

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Defying the distance

Defying the Distance

At one o’clock on Monday afternoon, dancers clad in black and vibrant reds and golds made their way through the crowd gathered at Swasey Chapel. Once on stage, they launched into a joyous dance, rollicking and moving to the celebratory

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A new way to celebrate King Day

A New Way to Celebrate King Day

Denison’s celebration of the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will take a new form this year. There will be several service projects held this weekend, and this Monday, Jan. 23, the community is invited

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Poets taking on the dream

Poets Taking On The Dream

Students gathered on overstuffed couches and settled at café tables Wednesday night at the Bandersnatch, talking quietly and greeting one another for a time until two students took the stage. Steve Flores ’11 (Hyde Park, Mass.) and Akeila Benjamin ’13

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48 hours to serve

48 Hours To Serve

The tasks were a secret. That’s how the 48-hour Service Challenge works. You just show up, ready and willing, take your assignment, and get busy. Collect blankets, books, money, school supplies and warm clothing. Prepare a community meal. Teach school

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‘You have spoken pointedly, but out of love for humankind’

Professor Ron Santoni

The Newark Advocate commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. Day today by reprinting an open letter written by Ron Santoni, originally published on June 29, 1967. Santoni, then an associate professor of philosophy and today the Maria Theresa Barney Chair Emeritus

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