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T-shirted Shakespeare


Marking this year’s 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the library and the departments of English and theatre hosted a gathering in the Doane library atrium last week. In addition to celebrating Shakespeare’s work and enjoying traditional English fare of scones,

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Written By: Landon Slangerup '17
Photo Credits: Nelson Dow '16

Healthy and wise


Every college student has his or her own strategy for a successful finals week—energy drinks and late nights versus Pop-Tarts and early mornings; reviewing alone versus group study sessions; white boards versus index cards —the variations are endless and entirely

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What did you do this summer?


This summer, while awesome Denison students were teaching in Costa Rica, dancing in New York, learning about marketing in Senegal, and thinking about urban planning in Boston, life continued on campus. Summer scholars partnered with faculty on their research projects,

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Spring, sprang, sprung …

Denison University Tuesday, May 5, 2015. (Photo by Timothy E. Black)

The end of the spring semester always brings about conflicting worlds. Finals loom, but it can be hard to stay focused when the weather is warm and the days you have left to spend with Denison friends are few. Some

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Four-legged help


There’s nothing unusual about crowded library during the last week of classes. But yesterday afternoon, the atrium was overflowing for another reason: 9 dogs and their owners had made their annual appearance for some pet therapy. This tradition began four

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Photo Credits: Jenny Kim '16

Back to Burma

Temples of Bagan, Burma, Myanmar, Asia.

As admissions tours move from Beth Eden to their first stop, Swasey Chapel, student guides begin their story: “Denison was founded in 1831 by Baptist ministers. While we are no longer affiliated with the church, we still use our chapel

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Dressed in time

Dressed In Time

Not many know that Denison is home to a unique collection of hundreds of historical fashion garments from the 1830s through the 1970s, and the collection recently has been organized and digitized, which allows online access not only to students

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Written By: Debbie Gillum ’14

The thoughtful generalist

The Thoughtful Generalist

You already know this: librarians are sort of superheroes. They’re information experts. They’re teachers, researchers, finders, keepers, creators, digitizers, organizers, troubleshooters and info literacy specialists. They know tons, and what they don’t know, they know how to find out. Ours

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The library gets all warm and fuzzy

The Library Gets All Warm And Fuzzy

There’s nothing unusual about a crowded library during finals week. But Thursday afternoon, the atrium was overflowing with positively giddy students huddled around some very special guests—three dogs and a cat. The animals were visiting Denison courtesy of the library

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Interpreting the past, preparing for the future

Interpreting the Past, Preparing for the Future

Let’s be honest, historical research can be a pretty daunting task. Scholars often have to deal with missing or incomplete primary sources, such as personal papers or letters. If they’re lucky, these documents have survived, leaving “fortunate” historians to slog—page

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Photo Credits: National Archives - Mathew Brady Photographs of Civil War-Era Personalities and Scenes

An open book

An Open Book

Librarians have been curating information from the earliest days of cuneiform-covered clay tablets of Mesopotamia (technically, they were wireless, too) to the amazing digital tablets of today. At this week’s provost-sponsored Tuesday Faculty Lunch, Moriana Garcia, Denison’s natural sciences librarian,

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Hidden in plain sight: no stone left unturned

Hidden In Plain Sight: No Stone Left Unturned

You might trip over this odd, hut-like lith on your way into the library without having any idea what just stubbed your toe. Low and inscrutable, most passersby disregard the weighty tablet with its text display set to Ancient Greek.

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Caterpillar found in library divvied up and eaten

Caterpiller Found In Library Divvied Up And Eaten

Every year on April 1, Doane Library hosts Books To Eat, and we all start thinking about books in a whole new way. At the heart of the festival is a friendly competition, in which contestants from campus and from

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A few thoughts on Wikipedia

Library Director Scottie Cochrane

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales speaks tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Swasey Chapel, as part of this year’s Spectrum Series theme, “Technology and Community.” It’s a perfect time to check in with Library Director Scottie Cochrane—who operates at the center of

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Written By: Library Director Scottie Cochrane

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