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Cool physics


Last week, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist came to the Hill. William Phillips, head of the Laser Cooling and Trapping Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), was hosted by the Physics and Astronomy department last week for

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Written By: Patrick Banner '18



As a hydrogeologist, Sam Marquis ’83 uncovers the histories of interlayered rock strata. As a best-selling author, multi-layered plots are at the heart of his thrillers. For more than twenty-five years, Marquis has worked as an environmental consultant and expert

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Lessons of Ebola


The Ebola headlines have fallen away from the front pages, replaced now by Donald Trump and ISIS — although the deadly virus is moving at a much slower pace than it was a year ago, it still hasn’t been completely

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Photo Credits: Charles Hoffman '18

Crossing paths


We’re all social beings, and during the course of most days we find ourselves drawn to certain places where we know or sense we might find other people. Ecological psychologist Harry Heft sees something more critical than sociability in this

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New face of Africa

New Face of Africa

“Dafra Kura,” explains Olivier Tarpaga, means “new face.” When founding his musical group, he chose its name because he wanted to put a new face on West African music, to expand the idea of what that music really is. “African

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '16, Reporting By: Manvi Jalan '18

Line breaks & climaxes


It’s that time of year again: as the weather slowly, tentatively improves, underclassmen start spending more time outside — and soon realize that they aren’t seeing much of their senior friends. With deadlines for senior research looming, the class of

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Tutti = all together

Tutti = all together

    Last week, almost 40 composers braved the snow and subzero temperatures to travel to Granville from Florida, California, Texas, and other locales one would not lightly desert for icy Ohio. They were motivated by the prospect of hearing

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '15
Photo Credits: Tim Black Photography, Jenny Kim '16

Dreaming in colors


After a debut of their innovative multimedia performance Dreaming in Colors at the Columbus Museum of Art on October 12, composer HyeKyung Lee and artist Christian Faur brought the piece to Denison’s Knapp Performance Lab two days later. Lee’s original

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Photo Credits: Richard Klein

Back to Burma

Temples of Bagan, Burma, Myanmar, Asia.

As admissions tours move from Beth Eden to their first stop, Swasey Chapel, student guides begin their story: “Denison was founded in 1831 by Baptist ministers. While we are no longer affiliated with the church, we still use our chapel

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Art magnified

Rachel Laughlin '14 used images of bacteria cultures in her Advanced Photogray course.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you’re a kid, you can answer this question differently each day. As you get older, the question becomes more and more difficult, especially when you find yourself at a

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Written By: Megan Worden ’15

Environmental studies: It’s an art

Environmental Studies: It's An Art

Professor Abram Kaplan teaches environmental studies. He also makes some pretty stunning art. The most important thing to know is, these pursuits are not separate. Kaplan joined Denison in 1993 as the founding director of the Environmental Studies Program. He

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Photo Credits: Vivian Qin ’12

The brush strokes of reconciliation


Early this year, Erin Saul ’11 traveled across the Atlantic to work at a peace and reconciliation center in Northern Ireland. Much of her time was spent working with the people of Ireland, but in the quiet moments, she found

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Founding feminists

Founding Feminists

When Joan Straumanis came to Denison as a philosophy professor in 1971, she was introduced at her first faculty meeting as a “real feminist hell raiser.” “That marked me the whole first year,” she says. “It was necessary for me

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