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Hope and health


Alana Murray ‘16 distinctly remembers the eye-opening experience when her third grade Girl Scout troop volunteered at a soup kitchen. “What do these people do when the kitchen is closed?” she asked her dad, who replied honestly, “I guess they

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Taste of spring


Students didn’t waste any time making use of Ohio’s spring weather. On Friday, South Quad was filled with the sounds of music, the smells of authentic international food, and the sight of nearly 300 Denisonians gathered together to celebrate the

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Written By: Antrim Ross '16

And next: The Nest


“Feels great to be on a menu. It’s been a dream of mine since my first sandwich (shout out to Mom!)…” says Tom Krieger ’15 as he bites into his eponymous chicken avocado melt, The Krieger. “This is going on

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Peace, love & potato salad


Last June, Zack “Danger” Brown ’05 and some friends were passing time telling jokes. The group got on a potato salad kick, and after 15 minutes of bits on the starchy side dish, someone had a thought: wouldn’t it be

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Written By: Emily Hopcian ’12
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From farm to fork


On Tuesday, September 24, Denison’s food service provider, Bon Appetit, presented chefs and diners alike with the 10th annual Eat Local Challenge. Lunch in Denison’s dining halls only used food grown within a 150-mile radius of campus. Not only did

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '15
Photo Credits: Jenny Kim '16

Top chefs


The Curtis Veggie Room was buzzing on Thursday (April 3) as students gathered to watch the first annual Big Red Iron Chef competition. Four teams of three students had exactly one hour to cook a meal fit for the celebrity

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Written By: Rachel Morrison '15

So, what’s new?


Yesterday upperclass students could be seen hauling lamps and clothes and dishes and shoes into their new rooms and apartments. The line at the bookstore was growing by the minute. And faculty were busily getting ready for the start of

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The dorm food do-over

The Dorm Food Do-Over

In the pages of the new Denison Magazine, we asked alumni chefs to re-imagine dorm-room delicacies—those (sometimes) tasty dishes we all cobbled together in the residence halls when we couldn’t make it to the dining hall or that five-star restaurant

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The truth about tryptophan

The Truth about Tryptophan

Before sitting down to that big turkey dinner this Thursday, we sat down with Susan Kennedy, associate professor of psychology (one of her research interests is psychopharmacology) and quizzed her on the science behind tryptophan. Does eating turkey really make

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It’s what’s for dinner

It's What's for Dinner

It’s an unusual sight in the middle of a farm field. These chefs, white hats and all, are walking walk up a hillside in Muskingum County, just east of here. They’ve come to see the tomatoes, corn, zucchini, peppers and

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Talk about eating local

Manny Horsford '13, Anna Farrell '13, and Nicki Jimenez '12 dig a permanent home outside Curtis Hall for one of the cherry trees planted on Monday. Matt Dunn, marketing manager for Sodexo, and Jeremy King, Denison’s sustainability coordinator, provided the trees, a couple of shovels, and some digging assistance.

Mother Nature seems to have a tough time when it comes to making up her mind in April and May. One Ohio morning can be cool and crisp and reminiscent of fall, while the next can start with sunshine and

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‘Food security is no joke’

Fadhel Kaboub, assistant professor of economics

Fadhel Kaboub, economics professor here on the Hill, was compelled to respond to a recent article in London’s Financial Times, which has a print circulation of more than half a million worldwide, addressing the causes of rising food prices. Global

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