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Hope and health

Posted in Academics & Research on August 10, 2015

One summer scholar looks at growing both healthy food and a healthy community.

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Taste of spring

Posted in On Campus on April 22, 2015

Student groups kick off spring events with cultural and colorful experiences.

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And next: The Nest

Posted in On Campus on February 10, 2015

At last, a place to go for mac & cheese after midnight.

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Peace, love & potato salad

Posted in Voices of Denison on October 1, 2014

A crowdfunding prank goes viral and rakes in cash for a good cause.

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From farm to fork

Posted in On Campus on September 26, 2014

A lesson in locavore eating brings seasonal variety and resourceful sourcing.

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Top chefs

Posted in On Campus on April 9, 2014

A crowd at Curtis Veggie tested the cooking skills of students last week.

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So, what’s new?

Posted in On Campus on August 29, 2013

A guide to all the latest around campus

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The Dorm Food Do-Over

The dorm food do-over

Posted in Beyond Campus on March 26, 2013

As the “food issue” of Denison Magazine makes its way across the country, we offer up a recipe from Kathy Lesser ’79 to tease your taste buds. (Canned peas never looked so good.)

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The Truth about Tryptophan

The truth about tryptophan

Posted in On Campus on November 23, 2011

Professor Susan Kennedy talks turkey about tryptophan, the naturally occurring chemical that allegedly causes comatose behavior on Thanksgiving evening.

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It's What's for Dinner

It’s what’s for dinner

Posted in On Campus on September 23, 2011

Eating your vegetables is more fun than ever as local foods shine in the dining halls.

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Manny Horsford '13, Anna Farrell '13, and Nicki Jimenez '12 dig a permanent home outside Curtis Hall for one of the cherry trees planted on Monday. Matt Dunn, marketing manager for Sodexo, and Jeremy King, Denison’s sustainability coordinator, provided the trees, a couple of shovels, and some digging assistance.

Talk about eating local

Posted in On Campus on May 3, 2011

Students will be able to pick their own healthy snacks when new cherry trees on campus begin to bear fruit.

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Fadhel Kaboub, assistant professor of economics

‘Food security is no joke’

Posted in Voices of Denison on October 28, 2010

Economics prof Fadhel Kaboub addresses rising food prices in a letter to the Financial Times.

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