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Come closer


Capturing the experience of the tiny tutti tasting tour 2016 in words is difficult, given the multifaceted performances along with the overall broad artistic vision. Yet, I think Adam Weinberg put it best in the beginning of the event, when

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Written By: Landon Slangerup '17

Crossing paths


We’re all social beings, and during the course of most days we find ourselves drawn to certain places where we know or sense we might find other people. Ecological psychologist Harry Heft sees something more critical than sociability in this

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Model citizen


Photoshop can be dangerously fun. It allows you to see everything from your wedding day with Justin Timberlake to what your friend might look like with Tom Selleck’s mustache. Some pictures, however, are too good to Photoshop, like junior Nelson

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Not easy being green


One is a marketing specialist for a community development program in Cleveland. Another is an environmental health and safety consultant. One is a tenured faculty member at the University of New Mexico, having earned a Ph.D. in population biology. Another

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Preserving Spring Valley

Preserving Spring Valley

Like most places, the history of this area is partly tied to its water resources. When someone asks you where Denison is, you probably say “east of Columbus,” or possibly, to people who know the state a bit, “in Granville.”

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Photo Credits: Top: Jacqueline Pelasky. Bottom: Charles R. Moor Photography.

Environmental studies: It’s an art

Environmental Studies: It's An Art

Professor Abram Kaplan teaches environmental studies. He also makes some pretty stunning art. The most important thing to know is, these pursuits are not separate. Kaplan joined Denison in 1993 as the founding director of the Environmental Studies Program. He

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Photo Credits: Vivian Qin ’12

Earth Week in motion

Earth Week In Motion

In keeping with the Denison tradition of doing things up big, Earth Day has morphed into Earth Week. Students have been assembling terrariums, creating far-out fashion for the “Trashion Show,” digging Bluegrass music while dipping into boxes of duds at

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The real impact of ‘No Impact’

The Real Impact Of ‘No Impact’

In honor of Earth Week, Olivia Aguilar, visiting assistant professor of environmental studies, discusses the meaning of her No Impact class project—inspired by Colin Beavan’s book No Impact Man—and shares a few tips on spending the week “carbon-free.” And her

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Blinding with science

Summer Scholars Science Symposium

Over the summer, Matt Matteri ’11, a geosciences major, spent three weeks in Utah observing and documenting rock structures in the Northern Confusion Range. He then returned to campus to create a geologic map of the area—the first of its

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