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Getting the math right


Great teachers are the culmination of their experiences as mentors, researchers and instructors. Don Bonar, professor of computer science and mathematics, is no exception. Part of his secret may be that he’s had a long time to accumulate those experiences

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‘Sing We and Chant It’

The Denison Singers rehearsal at Swasey Chapel Saturday, June 27, 2015.  (Photo by Timothy E. Black)

There are a number of loyal and engaged subsets of Denison’s alumni body (about 30,000 in total, living all over the world), and many of them schedule periodic reunions back on campus. These Denisonians who share interests and experiences are

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Photo Credits: Tim Black

Farewell to a legend


One story goes like this: Coach Ted Barclay and the men’s golf team were gearing up for a tournament, but the guys hadn’t had a chance to eat on the trip and were hungry. Barclay asked the golfers what they

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How can they keep from singing?

How Can They Keep From Singing?

Summer could not have begun on any brighter note than it did last weekend with sunny skies, balmy temperatures, and spectacular choral music in Swasey Chapel, presented on Sunday afternoon (June 23) by 47 Denison Singers and their conductor, Distinguished

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In thanks

In Thanks

This is the story of an unassuming and beloved Denison professor emeritus who probably wouldn’t call himself a war hero, but we will. Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, Andrew Sterrett graduated from high school in 1942 with the nation

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A match made in the heavens

A Match Made In The Heavens

Let’s say you have a rock in the solar system. And it’s not any boring, settled-into-a-routine kind of rock — but a young, vivacious rock. The universe is at its metaphorical feet. This rock has been hanging out with its

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Written By: Olivia Combe
Photo Credits: Michelle Murphy

‘The Denison Singers Turn Golden’

'The Denison Singers Turn Golden'

Do the words 50th anniversary conjure up an image of an elderly couple enjoying a dinner by candlelight with violin music playing softly in the background? Maybe not! Erase that picture and substitute 73 men and women ranging in age

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‘You have spoken pointedly, but out of love for humankind’

Professor Ron Santoni

The Newark Advocate commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. Day today by reprinting an open letter written by Ron Santoni, originally published on June 29, 1967. Santoni, then an associate professor of philosophy and today the Maria Theresa Barney Chair Emeritus

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A true wingman

A True Wingman

On Saturday, the Columbus Dispatch celebrated the life and legacy of Keith Piper, the longtime Denison football coach who passed away in 1997. During his 39 years as head coach at Denison, Piper compiled a 200-142-19 record. In 1985 and

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