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Top teach

Top Teach

When Alison Grizzle ’97 accepted the award for Alabama Teacher of the Year earlier this month, she told a little story. Two days before the award was announced, Grizzle had arrived early at P. D. Jackson-Olin High School, where she

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Teachers, public schools, & gay rights

Teachers, Public Schools, & Gay Rights

Karen Graves is not only a professor of education, she’s also a historian of the discipline. So it’s not surprising that she was the 2011-12 president of the History of Education Society, and this month she gave the Presidential Address

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Love and the liberal arts


When we first learned about Susan Kennedy’s lecture on the neuroscience of love, we just knew it had to be our Valentine’s Day story. But it also got us thinking about how love, that coolest, most human of qualities, might play

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Educational access and inequity in the nation’s capital

Jerome Price (center) and the third-grade class of “Team Duke” at the college-focused Promise Academy, where each class is named for the teacher’s alma mater.

Editor’s note: Last year, we reported on the questions and conversations that Jerome Price ’12 was raising about education in the U.S. He’s still at it, of course, and recently took that thinking to Washington, D.C. for a Break Away

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Written By: Jerome Price '12

Teach For America—No Kidding


EDITOR’S NOTE: When TheDEN last checked in with Jerome Price ’12, he was leading a conversation about the value and plight of education. It should come as no surprise that this year Price is leading recruitment efforts at Denison for

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Written By: Kimmi Oshita '11

Denison in the Blogosphere (5/20/11)

Denison in the Blogosphere (5/20/11)

We’re always hunting down interesting Denison-related content on the interwebs, and, periodically, we share the best of this content with you on TheDEN. In today’s fix of Denisonia, we have green coffee, kid lit, and life on the road, baseball-style.

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Local kids have their interests ‘PEAKed’

Local Kids Have Their Interests 'PEAKed'

This semester, students in Suzanne Baker’s “The Learner and the Teacher: Childhood” course created lesson plans, and over the last several weeks, they put the plans into action in schools across Newark. Visiting second grade classrooms in five of Newark’s

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Taking a walk

Taking a Walk

I had forgotten about the signs with the colored dots that designate parking areas on campus. My own Denison parking pass, once a cerulean blue, has faded to pure white. I park at Mitchell Center and walk up the hill

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Written By: Shannon McLoughlin Morrison '06

An educated conversation

An Educated Conversation

Most of us had that special teacher early on in our lives, the one who made learning feel easy, even fun. For Jerome Price ’12, a black studies and history major from Rahway, N.J., it was his first-grade teacher, Mr.

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Former AG tapped to lead state’s university system

Jim Petro '70 has been selected as Ohio's next chancellor of higher education.

On March 14, Jim Petro ’70 will add another title to his impressive résumé. The former auditor and attorney general of Ohio has just been named as the new chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, the top leadership position

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Denison in the Blogosphere (10/14/10)

The Wildwood Sisters

We’re always hunting down interesting Denison-related content on the interwebs, and, periodically, we’ll share the best of this content with you on TheDEN. In today’s fix of Denisonia, it’s all about alums. We’ve got one  pondering the state of U.S.

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The evolution of a liberal arts education

The Evolution of a Liberal Arts Education

In 1978, Denison University became the nation’s first coeducational college to require students to take a Minority or Women’s Studies course prior to graduation. In 2010, the college has adjusted its approach to how students explore multicultural perspectives. The faculty

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Amber, aliens & the American diaspora

Amber, Aliens, and the American Diaspora

Curtis Veggie, on the West Quad, is typically the place for special banquets. But on this particular September day, the menu was philosophy and political science, anthropology and art, economics and English, as scores of 2010 Summer Scholars served up

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Make it happen

Make It Happen

So you want to change the world. How do you take your next step? Denison students are exploring the answers this week, during a six-day social entrepreneurship workshop called “Make It Happen,” which is offered by Denison’s Burton D. Morgan

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