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Top Teach

Top teach

Posted in Beyond Campus on June 10, 2013

When Alison Grizzle ’97 became the Alabama Teacher of the Year, she was proud to represent a school that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

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Teachers, Public Schools, & Gay Rights

Teachers, public schools, & gay rights

Posted in Academics & Research on November 19, 2012

Professor Karen Graves recently talked about discrimination in public schools to the History of Education Society.

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Love and the liberal arts

Posted in Academics & Research on February 15, 2012

Six professors weigh in on how their disciplines deal with the ultimate affection.

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Jerome Price (center) and the third-grade class of “Team Duke” at the college-focused Promise Academy, where each class is named for the teacher’s alma mater.

Educational access and inequity in the nation’s capital

Posted in Voices of Denison on February 2, 2012

Jerome Price ’12 discusses on the inequities of access that exist among America’s educational systems.

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Teach For America—No Kidding

Posted in Beyond Campus on October 19, 2011

Kimmi Oshita ’11, on her first few challenging weeks in a Baltimore school room as part of Teach For America.

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Denison in the Blogosphere (5/20/11)

Denison in the Blogosphere (5/20/11)

Posted in Beyond Campus on May 20, 2011

We’ve got baseball, coffee, and children’s literature.

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Local Kids Have Their Interests 'PEAKed'

Local kids have their interests ‘PEAKed’

Posted in Beyond Campus on April 26, 2011

Students teach local second-graders about the environment and what it’s like to go to college.

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Taking a Walk

Taking a walk

Posted in Voices of Denison on April 11, 2011

Returning to her alma mater prompts Shannon McLoughlin Morrison ’06 to reflect on a transformative four years.

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An Educated Conversation

An educated conversation

Posted in Voices of Denison on March 25, 2011

Jerome Price ’12 talks with students, faculty and local residents as he searches for answers to tough questions on education.

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Jim Petro '70 has been selected as Ohio's next chancellor of higher education.

Former AG tapped to lead state’s university system

Posted in Beyond Campus on March 5, 2011

Jim Petro ’70, former attorney general of Ohio, has been named the new chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents.

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The Wildwood Sisters

Denison in the Blogosphere (10/14/10)

Posted in Beyond Campus on October 14, 2010

The best Denison-related content on the interwebs.

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The Evolution of a Liberal Arts Education

The evolution of a liberal arts education

Posted in Academics & Research on October 6, 2010

Denison’s faculty establishes a “Power and Justice” core competency, and the intent for students to question their own place in the structures of human societies.

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Amber, Aliens, and the American Diaspora

Amber, aliens & the American diaspora

Posted in Academics & Research on September 10, 2010

Summer Scholars dish out their research in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

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Make It Happen

Make it happen

Posted in On Campus on August 24, 2010

Students get hopped up on pizza, caffeine, and ideas for social change at the ‘Make It Happen’ social entrepreneurship workshop, a six-day summer program.

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