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Another world


Robert Hass’ books fill a shelf at Professor and Poet David Baker’s house. “I have read and loved Robert Hass’s work since I first found it in Field Guide, his first book, in 1973, the year I graduated from high

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The poet among us


“Poetry is a lonely and solitary undertaking,” Dr. Baker professor of English remarked while introducing the subject.  For two days, though, Denison students and members of the community had an opportunity to share in the venture of poetry with one

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Written By: Antrim Ross '16

Poetry for lunch

2014.12-david baker faculty lunch

  Professor of English David Baker gently teased a recent Tuesday Lunch audience — with a succession of small revelations — into guessing the identities of six faculty members from across the disciplines who happen to write poetry. An academic

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The power of poetry

The Power Of Poetry

To describe David Baker as a poet is a bit like calling the Mississippi a river. Yes, the basic description is accurate, but it only skims the surface. Baker, a professor of English, has just been awarded the coveted Theodore

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