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Lessons of Ebola


The Ebola headlines have fallen away from the front pages, replaced now by Donald Trump and ISIS — although the deadly virus is moving at a much slower pace than it was a year ago, it still hasn’t been completely

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Photo Credits: Charles Hoffman '18

The collaborators


Every artist, even the most talented person out there, occasionally needs to be reminded they aren’t crazy — and that’s the role that Robert “Sarob.” Tate ’16 and Joseph “Joey Aich” Holbert ’16 play for each other.  The two solo

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Photo Credits: Zane Osler '16

Exchanging perspectives


Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. Distant countries, and all of them were represented here last month in a conference of 25 media and communication professionals, hosted by Denison and the global education organization,

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Written By: Manvi Jalan '18

Embracing differences


I wrote in my journal during the second week of my 5-week-stay in Senegal: “Despite all the negative media exposure that I‘ve seen … this culture filled with kindness and hospitality is allowing me to see the life in Africa

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Written By: Zhihao Cao '16

Brand awareness


With perfectly styled mop of hair, fashion sense similar to Mick Jagger, and a plethora of male jewelry, British comedian Russell Brand gives off a distinct first impression and, according to Kate Ramsdell ’15, he knows it. “When he first

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The yin and yang of Yik Yak


Many of the largest tech successes boil down to simple ideas: an exclusive online community, a way to share images, a place to publicize your review of a restaurant. As more people use these interfaces, their elementary foundations become social

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Professors of the future


At a recent faculty meeting, Provost Kim Coplin announced the eight faculty members who have received tenure this year. The professors represent a diverse group of academic disciplines including political science, English, history, economics, communication, philosophy, international studies, religion, women’s

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Written By: Maggie Ranger '14 and Ginny Sharkey '83

Finding what I like—and what I don’t

Lauren Mueller '13

Everyone asks, “What are you going to do when you get out of college?” I always have some long-winded, complicated answer about philanthropy, grant-writing, and changing the world. I say, “I want to make the greatest impact on the largest

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Written By: Lauren Mueller '13

Workaholics Anonymous

Workaholics Anonymous

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is the 17th century proverb describing the downside of constantly keeping one’s nose to the figurative grindstone. Laura Russell, assistant professor of communication, agrees with that wisdom, and she knows what

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The soul of Newark

The Soul of Newark

On Tuesday mornings last winter, my Advanced Journalism classmates and I tossed ideas around, trying to decide what we wanted to focus on for our semester-long investigative journalism projects. With time, discussion, and a little coffee, we decided to undertake

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Written By: Emily Hopcian '12

This article is not editable: Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales visits campus

Wales On Wiki

Jimmy Wales was all over campus on Wednesday, Dec. 8, meeting with students and talking about his ubiquitous brainchild, Wikipedia. His visit was part of this year’s slate of events tied to the Spectrum Series campus theme, “Community and Technology.”

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From East to Higley

From East to Higley

Erin Copple Smith originally came to Denison back in 2000 as a first-year student who was determined to have the whole liberal arts experience, taking advantage of every moment, and she did. From academia, to theatre production, to sorority life,

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Amber, aliens & the American diaspora

Amber, Aliens, and the American Diaspora

Curtis Veggie, on the West Quad, is typically the place for special banquets. But on this particular September day, the menu was philosophy and political science, anthropology and art, economics and English, as scores of 2010 Summer Scholars served up

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