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Looking into the hearts of stars


Will we ever know if there is life in other solar systems? Two J. Reid and Polly Anderson summer research scholars have been looking at a key indicator that could point to an answer. Nathan Myers ’17 and Noah Rogers

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Written By: Jillian Koval '16, Noah Rogers '17, Nathan Myers '17

Marvelous night for a moondance


News, weather, and social media sites have been bombarded with photos of the first “supermoon” of 2014, which popped up last weekend. It’s kind of a big deal to sky-watchers and photographers alike, as there are only three nights this

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These are the good ol’ days


In about 24 hours, members of the Class of 2014 will become Denison’s newest alumni. As we get closer to Commencement tomorrow (May 17), more and more parents can be seen wandering campus, likely remembering the day four years ago

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Blinding with science

Summer Scholars Science Symposium

Over the summer, Matt Matteri ’11, a geosciences major, spent three weeks in Utah observing and documenting rock structures in the Northern Confusion Range. He then returned to campus to create a geologic map of the area—the first of its

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