Season of light

As the days grow darker and the semester nears its end, the community embraces a festive tradition from India.

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Regina Carter — finding her voice

Vail Series guest artist and MacArthur award winner Regina Carter talks to an English class about loss, identity, and the power of music.

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Tying knots

Erin Worden ’17 discovers the importance of relationships when it comes to changing the world.

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Veterans day, 2015

Walking past the memorial stone on Veteran’s Day.

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Depth of focus

Four cinema majors living in Chicago support each others’ dreams and create their first movie.

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Song & dance make D-Day

D-Day 2015 is capped off with hip-hop headliner T-Pain.

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Ghouls of Granville
For one evening, Granville is overrun with mummies, ninjas, princesses, and poets.

This is it
Take a two-minute ride through autumn, the season that never lasts long enough.

The collaborators
Seniors Joe “Joey Aich” Holbert and Robert “Sarob.” Tate are making waves in the world of rapping with a little help from their Denison friends.

Cats and cider
You’re always welcome at the Homestead, but every semester an official open house gives you a good excuse to walk the walk sample the goods.

Exchanging perspectives
In a World Learning conference, students and Eurasian media professionals had a chance to meet and exchange ideas with each other.

The play’s the thing
Olympia Dukakis swings by to coach a few students in the art of acting.

A home for history
Susan Whiting ’78 is developing a new museum in Washington, D.C. to house the stories of women in America.

Embracing differences
Zhihao Cao ’16 finds the power and potential in the uncertainty of difference.

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