Tying knots

Erin Worden ’17 discovers the importance of relationships when it comes to changing the world.

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Beyond Campus


Depth of focus

Four cinema majors living in Chicago support each others’ dreams and create their first movie.

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Ghouls of Granville

For one evening, Granville is overrun with mummies, ninjas, princesses, and poets.

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A home for history

Susan Whiting ’78 is developing a new museum in Washington, D.C. to house the stories of women in America.

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Embracing differences

Zhihao Cao ’16 finds the power and potential in the uncertainty of difference.

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Examining the Exodus

Faculty members gather to discuss the Syrian migrant crisis

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More Featured Stories

Romick for team captain!
Luke Romick ’16 knows there’s a lot more to the game than being a top player. Better still, you can vote for him as captain of the Good Works team.

What is . . . “Jeopardy!” ??
Senior Dylan Parson ’16 pulls off yet another “Jeopardy!” win.

Listening closely
Laurel Symes ’07 talks about her interview on NPR’s Morning Edition and the meaning behind cricket chirps.

In the moment
An unusual musical theatre project in LA brings together two alumni for an exhilarating leap into the unknown.

Pride’s in the bag
Mark Sanor ’90 and “Denison Connecting!” start a grassroots movement for networking events and a new way to carry your Denison pride in style with the Denison BankerBag.

Shared impact
Both changed by Denison, two alumni cross paths in Bolivia.

Olympic hopeful is on track
Denison track & field star and Davis Peace Project awardee Dee Salukombo ’12 is now training for the Olympics.

Out to the ballgame
Junior Meghan Pearce recounts her experience meeting Illinois Representative Bob Dold ’91 and the many other Denison connections — some purposeful, others unexpected — that are happening in Washington, D.C., this summer.

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