The play’s the thing

Olympia Dukakis swings by to coach a few students in the art of acting.

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Academics & Research


Summer research digs deep

Summer research, whatever the discipline is a rewarding experience. It is an invaluable chance to dig in deep and develop new ideas.

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Mystery in the Sierra Nevada

Three Denisonians go searching for answers to a geological mystery.

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Looking into the hearts of stars

Two physics students spent the summer delving deeply into star formation.

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What’s your martial art?

One Denison Seminar actually gives students the chance to use martial arts against their professors (all in the name of learning, of course).

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Brand awareness

Senior Kate Ramsdell’s summer research investigates beyond the surface layer of celebrity.

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One summer scholar looks at growing both healthy food and a healthy community.

Growing the data
Two biology scholars establish field research that will reach future generations of students.

The yin and yang of Yik Yak
Archit Agarwal ’17 is intrigued by the pros and cons of anonymity in a social media app.

Harnessing the summer sun
Kareha Agesa ’17 and her colleagues are looking for better ways to build solar panel cells.

Connecting to France, in English
Isabel Randolph ’16 has spent her summer trying to capture her time abroad in a creative writing project.

Summer subjects
Summer is a great time to dig deep and share what you find.

Above and beyond
As members of the Class of 2015 graduate, they are encouraged to ask themselves, “So What?”

That’s teamwork
A video game design course matches computer science students with students from music and creative writing classes.

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