Beck “Home Series” home run

The English department’s Michael Croley, Jack Shuler, and Ann Townsend open the spring Beck Series season with a “Home Series” sampling of some of their powerful recent writing.

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Academics & Research


Lessons of Ebola

Associate Professor Chris Weingart on Ebola—and what we’ve learned from last summer’s crisis.

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Crossing paths

Professor Harry Heft investigates the crucial nature of community, democracy, and public spaces.

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Happy numbers

Useful? What’s wrong with recreational math? Why shouldn’t numbers be happy?

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Healthy and wise

Finals are all about hard work and taking good care of yourself too.

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The inside scoop: our new Global Commerce major

In Denison’s newest major, the liberal arts hold the key to understanding global exchange and business.

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Summer research digs deep
Summer research, whatever the discipline is a rewarding experience. It is an invaluable chance to dig in deep and develop new ideas.

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