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Poetry for lunch


Professor of English David Baker gently teased a recent Tuesday Lunch audience — with a succession of small revelations — into guessing the identities of six faculty members from across the disciplines who happen to write poetry.

An academic community sometimes feels like a busy hive neatly divided by departmental vocabularies and methodologies. Baker’s introductions were a reminder of the range of human diversity beneath that surface, and how poetry can be a common language for anyone who takes the time to observe and describe.

Baker, who is poetry editor of The Kenyon Review, assured the lunchtime listeners that these were only a few of the active and dedicated writers of poetry among us: Andy McCall (Biology and Environmental Science), Peter Grandbois (English), Alina Haliliuc (Communication and International Studies), Timothy Hofmeister (Classics, Greek, and Latin), Michael Westmoreland (Math and Computer Science) and Abram Kaplan (Environmental Studies).

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