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Called for icing

We’ve all seen the Ice Bucket Challenge videos making their way across our news feeds on Facebook and Twitter, and Denison has gotten in on the fun and the effort to raise awareness and money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

It escalated when Gregg Parini, head swimming and diving coach, received not one, but three challenges to dump a bucket of ice water over his head or pony up $100 to the ALS Association (which has reportedly raised more than $15 million to date through this social media craze) on Thursday, August 14. Far as Parini could figure, that meant he got to take three buckets of ice water in succession and issue nine challenges to his family and friends. He couldn’t help but throw Denison President Adam Weinberg into the mix. Those who are called out are given a 24-hour window in which to respond to the dare.

Weinberg, never one to shy away from a challenge (or a good cause), showed up on the steps of Doane Administration Building during the Friday lunch hour and allowed three students to “do the honors.” He also announced that he and his wife, Anne, would be making a donation to an ALS organization. We caught the moment on video and loaded it to Facebook, where more than 120,000 people have viewed the post featuring our chilled, sopping, smiling president.

We have to say, he took the cold quite well, but that’s not all that surprising — in his college days he was a defenseman for the Bowdoin ice hockey team, and spent a lot of time on the ice as an undergraduate.

Accepting and completing the challenge meant Weinberg got to call out three pals to do the same, and he chose the presidents of a few of Denison’s North Coast Athletic Conference rivals: Kenyon President Sean Decatur, DePauw University President Brian Casey, and Ohio Wesleyan President Rock Jones.

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