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Andrea “Andie” Ruehrwein Raynor ’83 recently chatted with Cincinnati NPR station, WVXU, to discuss her new book, Incognito: Lost and Found at Harvard Divinity School, which tells the story of her journey from Denison through Harvard and all the surprises along the way (including the fact that she ended up at a divinity school at all.)

In the interview, Raynor discusses her first book, The Voice That Calls You Home, which was excerpted in Denison Magazine a few years back; the reasons s20140708_andrearaynor_photo_main_02he became a minister; the study of theology at a place like Harvard (“In one class you have a rabbi, a priest, a Tibetan monk, a fundamentalist, an atheist, an agnostic …”); and the moment she knew she was on the right path, which took place while she was working at the Pine Street Inn, a homeless shelter for men in Cambridge.

“[I realized] I wasn’t supposed to be some do-gooder at that shelter,” she told interviewer Maryanne Zeleznik. “I was there to learn and to find the divine in these people. That moment transformed how I saw my work, how I saw my studies, and kept me centered in my faith.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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