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These are the good ol’ days


Buzzy strikes a pose with Ivan Hall ’14 of Chicago on the Big Red Carpet during Denison Senior Week activities.

In about 24 hours, members of the Class of 2014 will become Denison’s newest alumni. As we get closer to Commencement tomorrow (May 17), more and more parents can be seen wandering campus, likely remembering the day four years ago when they dropped off their sons and daughters for the start of their Denison adventure.

Seniors have spent the week relishing their last days as undergrads, and they dedicated Wednesday to crossing items off of their Denison Buckets Lists, a checklist developed by the Campus Leadership and Involvement Center. Students visited the President’s office (and sat in his chair). They posed with “Buzzy” the Buzzard; got an inside look at the Observatory; and had the chance to ring the Swasey bells.

The Class of 2014 ended the day with a pool party in the Trumbull Aquatics Center located in the expanded and revamped Mitchell Center, a project that they watched from beginning to end during the 2012-13 academic year.

One stop along the Bucket List tour led students to the office of Cookie Sunkle, assistant to the director of the Gilpatrick Center, who was collecting quotes and advice from graduating seniors to be included in the final all-senior email to go out from the administration.

In that email, students shared quotes from the likes of Winston Churchill, told jokes, and offered the usual sentiments of “Stay cool Class of 2014”; “We did it!” and “Stay sweet Denison.” They also took the time to note memorable events from their four years, including the time a frantic deer managed to make its way into Slayter and the winter of 2013-14, which saw temperatures plunging well below zero for days on end. One student even took the chance to offer a shout-out to Pizza Hut, which left Slayter’s snack bar in 2012.

As two students were leaving Sunkle’s office, one asked her: Who’s going to fill up my inbox after I leave?

We’ll leave that job to the Alumni Relations crew, who will hope to see you all again in the fall during Big  Red Weekend and at your Fifth Reunion in 2019, when we’ll all be excited to hear about the next stage of your life adventure. As Shakia Asamoah ’14 put it in the email sent from Sunkle: “See you all later! Kick butt in the real world!”

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