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The students have spoken


Last week’s DCGA elections brought Denison a new president and vice president for the 2014-15 academic year: Meghan Pearce ’16 (left) will assume the presidency as current DCGA President Ana Morales ’14 graduates, and Haley Jones ’17 will take over the vice president’s office as Hung Tran ’15 retires from his position as veep.

Here’s a quick look at DCGA’s newly elected leaders:

Meghan Pearce ’16, president

Hometown: Westerville, Ohio
Major: Political science and history
Campaign slogan: “Your Voice Matters”
The campaign-trail promises: A more accessible and transparent DCGA achieved by hosting senate events closer to residence and dining halls, holding meetings in more visible and accessible spaces, and purposefully and consciously seeking out the opinions of underrepresented students. Pearce also plans to look closely at the more than 170 student organizations on campus and assist them in collaboration and communication with each other. She’s also hoping to streamline the DCGA budgeting system to make one of her toughest jobs — guiding DCGA through awarding more than $1 million to those many organizations—more efficient.
What she has to say: “We have to learn as a campus how to better encourage each other to represent ourselves and champion voices other than our own.”
Most-used campaign hashtags: #Pearce4Prez and #YourVoiceMatters

Haley Jones ’17, vice president

Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Major: Communication major, Spanish minor
Campaign slogan: “Redefine. Reform. Reclaim.”
DCGA experience: First-year senator with DCGA and a student representative with the Campus Affairs Council.
Campaign-trail promises: Reimagine the roles students and the DCGA play at Denison, shore up any inefficiencies within the organization, and help students become more actively involved with DCGA — whether they serve on Executive Council or not.
Why she did it alone: Jones says she feels passionate about having a student government in which every student feels as if they can identify with at least one of their representatives. “I felt the process of running alone,” she says, “would be one way that I could begin to engage with the student body on a more personal level.”
On the move: Jones vows to be that accessible student representative. In fact, she’s willing to travel: “I will meet you where you are and listen.”
Most-used campaign hashtag: #TeamHaley

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