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We believe!


The hope was that the sun would shine bright when the Student Development Office brought cake out to the A-Quad to celebrate spring and the students’ return from break, but Old Man Winter wasn’t quite done with us yet.

So what’s a crew of cake-wielding staffers to do? Celebrate anyway. Because, well, spring has to come sometime, right?

In an email titled, “The Weatherman lied, but let’s have cake anyway,” Student Development announced the plan: “We haven’t gotten to 50 degrees yet, but please come outside for a few minutes anyway. You’ll find cake, music, and maybe enough warm hearts and positive energy to make us believe spring can actually happen.”

So, sure, they were wearing heavy coats as they handed cake to students who were finishing lunch at Slayter and making their way to classes and other activities. But they all kept warm by grooving to the sounds of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”—on repeat.

Spring is coming! We believe!

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