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On Saturday (March 1), the Denison community will gather for its first TEDxDenisonU event, an independent TED Talk experience hosted by President Adam Weinberg and sponsored by the Spectrum Series and the Denison University Entrepreneurship Program.

The popularity of TED Talks—which have included inspiring lectures from folks like Bill Gates, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Jane Goodall, and Sheryl Sandberg—has led the nonprofit to create a spinoff, TEDx, made up of local, self-organized talks taking place all over the country.

At Denison, Mollie Evans ’16 will tackle the phrase “boys will be boys” and its effect on society; Grace Bachmann ’17 will discuss the metaphorical and physical “bridge” and how it contributes to global citizenship; and professors, community members, and students alike will touch on topics ranging from sustainability to economics to politics to living a life through a lens of gratitude. All talks will be related to this year’s campus theme, “Real Utopias: From Dreams to Practice.”

The event will take place in Herrick Hall beginning at 2 p.m. Though Herrick seating is sold out, a livestream will be available, and a simulcast will take place in Slayter Auditorium.

Come get inspired.


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