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Welcome to Twitter, @AdamAtDenison!


Want to tweet at the president? Go for it.

Adam Weinberg (aka @AdamAtDenison) is now on Twitter, where he’ll be commenting about issues facing higher education, including affordability and access, and, of course, all things Denison. “Denison has a great story to tell,” says Weinberg, “and I am convinced that we need to tell it more often and better.”

But he’s not in this to hear himself tweet. Weinberg is welcoming comments and questions from his followers and hopes to use Twitter to further engage Denisonians around the world. “I want to find more ways to communicate with the larger Denison community,” he says. “And I want to do this in ways that are frequent, interactive, and unfiltered.”

So go ahead. Give the Prez a follow. Retweet him. Tweet at him.

He’s ready to open a whole new line of conversation.


Denisonians seem pretty pumped about their president joining Twitter:



And the president himself has been actively tweeting today about some good reading in Fast Company as well as what’s on his own personal reading list:

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