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Denison in the Blogosphere (1/17/14)


Faith Simunyu ’13 uses clay to construct the human body as she studies “biomedical visualization” at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

We’re always hunting down interesting Denison-related content on the Interwebs, and, periodically, we share the best of this content with you on TheDEN. In today’s links, we’ve got an alumna with an eye for fashion, another who plans to blend science and art in her career, and a blog featuring posts from some very familiar names.

Who said it wasn’t possible?

A Collision Course20140117_denisonintheblogosphere_photo_main_02
When art and science collide, something really cool happens, and Faith Simunyu ’13 tells us all about it in her blog, “Collision Course,” which documents her travels through graduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago as she studies “biomedical visualization,” which will eventually take her to a degree in medical illustration. Readers hear about her time in the anatomy lab, a place where “the living learn from the dead,” and where she is able to reference a real human heart to aid in her drawing. Simunyu, a Posse Scholar who earned a B.A. in chemistry from Denison, seems to have found the perfect career for her talents. “I had been drawing ever since I was 9, and I had been told a million times that art and science could never find common ground. Well, it turns out they were wrong!”

Views from the Hill

The Commons20140117_denisonintheblogosphere_photo_main_03
A little closer to home, “The Commons” is a blog run by the Office of Student Development. Students will recognize a lot of familiar names among the list of contributors: Adam Weinberg reflects on how students can make the most out of their time at Denison. Julie Tucker shares what first-year students have told her about how they’d like to grow this year, with their goals ranging from amusing (“Calves of steel!”) to profound (“Understand others even when I disagree with them”). Marci McCauley uses the word “sex” in the title of an entry in a self-described “shameless ploy to pique your interest” (…and to start a dialogue about sexuality, identity, and self-image).

An “outsider” tells us what’s “in”

Turning Fashion Inside Out20140117_denisonintheblogosphere_photo_main_04
At “Turning Fashion Inside Out,” Melissa Kaplan Guarino ’82, who describes herself as “a fashion outsider” who still loves fashion, shares tips and stories about clothes, accessories, and shopping with her 70-year-old mother. Her posts range from photos of trends she likes, to pieces on fashion icons and designers, to a recent personal reflection on how women choose to adjust their styles as they age. “My mission,” says Guarino, “is to have conversations with people about how we express ourselves through fashion and how fashion affects our self-image.” And “Turning Fashion Inside Out” isn’t just a blog—Guarino hosts podcasts about the fashion world as well.

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