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Anyone want to meet up after work?

After Work

Every January in rain, snow, sleet, and sub-zero temperatures, Denisonians the world over get together with folks in their area to meet with old friends and get to know new ones. In the process, they can’t help but reminisce.

The event, “After Work with Denison … Everywhere!” is sponsored by Denison’s Office of Alumni Relations, and it’s taking place tonight (Jan. 29) at a pub or restaurant in a city near you. So head out after work and grab a drink and a bite to eat, and you may even have the chance to participate in a video contest.

For a full listing of locations (we have 57 this year!), check DenisonEverywhere.com. (Fair warning: If you’ve pre-registered for an event in the south, there’s a chance your get-together has been rescheduled for next week when winter storm Leon is long gone.)

For those of you who can’t join the gang in person, follow the fun on Denison’s social media channels. For those who can, we’re depending on you to spread the word in the following ways:

  •  Twitter: Follow the action or add your own tweets to the event stream by using the hashtag #DUAfterWork .
  • Instagram: Tag denisonu on your Instagram photos and use that same hashtag.

Update (Jan. 30, 2014):

What a night! Denisonians all over the country (and beyond) got together last night for the 9th annual “After Work with Denison … Everywhere!” event. They met in good ol’ Granville, in New York City, in Chicago, and even London. Here’s what they had to say about the evening …










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