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Hittin’ the books


Even if we never looked at an academic calendar for the fall semester, we would know it’s finals week. We can tell by the tired students sitting here and there throughout every building on campus, noses pushed deep into laptops and books, while other students, late to the party, clamor for the remaining favorite study spots. (We hear the couches and conference rooms on the fourth floor of Burton Morgan are faves.) Some students are looking a tad stressed, others downright jolly as this week of exams and final papers is the only thing standing between them and a nice, long winter break.

It’s been an interesting fall, full of new things, including a new dining service provider, a new college website, and a new president in Adam Weinberg. The Vail Series welcomed ETHEL, who treated campus to an informal concert on the A-Quad in addition to their big performance in Swasey, and plenty of speakers made their way to campus including Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Philip Levine; former Congressmen Barry Goldwater Jr. and John Hall, who spoke to a Politics of Congress class; and eco-entrepreneur Majora Carter. Students also brought Hoodie Allen and Matt and Kim to campus for a fall D-Day concert.

Yes, it was quite a semester. Good luck to all of the students and faculty in bringing it to a successful close.

Who knows what spring will bring?


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