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On Sunday, the Granville Inn’s parking lot held cars with license plates from Ohio, Illinois, Texas, and Connecticut, and one couple at the bar clinked glasses in a toast to their son, who was likely on campus gearing up for Induction.

On campus, as parents milled about on the Common waiting for the official start to their children’s college careers, the first-year students were making their way into Swasey Chapel, sidestepping the seal, of course (word gets out quickly around here), to meet the Aug-O staff that would guide them through activities and events on campus geared toward a smooth transition into college life.

By 6:45, the sun thankfully had dipped below Talbot as the new students processed from Swasey to the Reese~Shackelford Common. The faculty welcomed them with applause, a scene that will play out again just four years from now, when the Class of 2017 marches in cap and gown.

It was the first Induction Ceremony for Denison’s 20th president, Adam Weinberg, who began his address with an expression of thanks to the parents who had guided their students along the path to their college careers and who had spent that hot day readying student rooms for the fall semester.

“Our history is generations of Denison alumni who have achieved a lifetime of personal, professional, and civic success,” Weinberg told the Class of 2017. “They have done it in business, politics, education, athletics, the arts, and everything in between. If you take advantage of Denison, it will open opportunities and ways of being that you cannot even imagine as you sit here tonight.“

Both Weinberg and Ana Morales ’14, DCGA president, urged students to break out of their comfort zones. “I wish for you to be courageous and challenge yourself even if you might fail,” Morales told the incoming class, “because fear will stand in the way of your opportunities.”

Weinberg issued not one charge to the class, but 10: “Ask questions, manage your time, follow your heart, be creative, respect others, take risks, maintain your integrity, show courage, take care of yourself, and enjoy it all.”

Yes, indeed, Class of 2017: Enjoy it all and welcome to Denison.

(You can see more photos on our Flickr site.)

2013 Induction Addresses

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Catherine Dollard ’88, Department of History, Chair of the Faculty – Faculty welcome

Ana Victoria Morales ’14, President of DCGA – Student welcome


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