Get your move on

In the pre-iPod 1970s, moving into the dorm was all about your record collection and your stereo components.  (That’s what they called the stack of heavy boxes with connecting cords, shiny knobs and illuminated dials: components.) With speakers that took up the space of two small people, there wasn’t much room left in the family sedan’s back seat for clothes and a toothbrush.

Your best hope was to have a roommate who brought his or her equipment from home, so all you needed to do was pack your favorite LPs. This sensible 1973 coed has hers loosely tied with twine, a neat idea to keep Carole King’s Tapestry from falling out of the sleeve and getting scratched.  More scratched.

And nothing says fun like a lampshade on your head at the start of fall semester … rock on!

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