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When Liza Hudock ’12 prepared for her trek up Mount Rainier, she needed to be ready for anything.

In her pack she had the necessities: four days’ worth of food and clothing, a tent, sunscreen, an avalanche transceiver, sunglasses (especially for the day she reached Edmunds Glacier)—and tucked into the mix, a Denison banner. Hudock had discovered the banner in a kit that her mother used to spread the word about Denison at the local high school. When Hudock found it, she thought: I’m totally bringing this.

The climb up Mount Rainier was the first big one for the emerging mountaineer, and Hudock depended on the expertise of Jung Bo Sherpa, from Nepal (at left), who worked with her as an instructor. At more than 14,400 feet tall, Rainier is one of the highest peaks in the continental United States, and Hudock thought it would be cool to bring the Denison banner as far up there as possible.

At least for now. Denali, she says, is on her “to do” list next.

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