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On May 23, Cam Shuford ’63 hopped on his bike in Evanston, Ill., (his hometown, though he now lives with his wife in Hawaii), and started pedaling. His destination? The Hill for his 50th Reunion.

He biked for seven days— six hours a day—to tackle the 400-mile trek. Along the way, he spent nights with hosts from Warm Showers, a world-wide organization made up of volunteers willing to offer touring cyclists a place to stay during their journeys (although Shuford confesses he did splurge for one night in a hotel).

Just after he wrapped up the final moments of his trip—a long haul up the main drag—he told a couple of well-wishers that he was considering running the Reunion 5k on Saturday, but he’ll likely be packing up his bike to be shipped back to Hawaii, where he’ll meet it after his flight home.

Shuford first had thoughts of biking across the U.S., but settled instead for this little trek. Was it a warm-up for an eventual cross-country tour? No.

Said Shuford with a laugh: “Enough is enough.”

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