Eagle eyes

Look closely! The eaglet that lives in a local nest tends to be a little camera shy.

We admit to feeling a little sad last year when we had to report that the bald eagles’ nest just west of Granville had failed. That’s a nice way of saying that any eaglets born in that nest had died or were abandoned by their parents. One of Granville’s resident birders assured us that the parents would likely try again this year. And, it seems, they did.

According to The Granville Sentinel, a single eaglet was spotted in the nest on Good Friday, and ever since then, birders have kept watch and snapped pictures of the new villager and its ever-attentive parents. “It is certainly remarkable to have a nest so close to us in Granville,” says Keith Boone, retired Denison associate provost and local birder, “just walking distance.”

The Sentinel reports that this is one of only three known eagles’ nests in Licking County, and there are only 190 nests in the whole state of Ohio.

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