Carol of the bells

Yesterday six bells were added to Swasey Chapel—bringing the total to 16—with the help of a crane and some fellows who apparently don’t think twice about wielding hundreds of pounds of metal hundreds of feet in the air.

The bell pictured here was the largest of the six, weighing in at 693 pounds. When the photographer handed the images over to us, he had this to say: “I was not wanting to be this guy.”

The new additions to Swasey were made possible using funds available to the president for campus improvements. “I chose to invest in the Swasey Bells, learning that adding six would allow our student carillonneurs to expand their repertoire of classical, ecclesiastical, pop, and show tunes,” said President Dale Knobel. “I’m hoping future generations of Denisonians will enjoy the sound of the bells rolling across our hilltop campus.”

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