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What happened on Deliria?

For months now, a crew of students has been casting, filming, editing, and directing the first feature-length narrative film to be produced through the Department of Cinema at Denison.

“Deliria” tells the fictional tale of a group of friends who travel to the island of Deliria to get psychological help for a young woman named Sammy, who is suffering from debilitating depression. Local legend has it that the forest on the island has a powerful pull on the people who enter it, and the group finds the legend to be true. When Sammy journeys into the woods, her mind clears — but the friends who join her plunge into a darkness of their own.

The psychological thriller, which contains cameos of the Granville Inn, the Buxton Inn, and Dawes Arboretum, was written and directed by Ian O’Brien ’13, a cinema major from Newark, Ohio. It debuts tonight (April 30) in Slayter Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

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