The wonderful wizard of college


Ellen Rosebrough ’13, of Wildwood, Mo., and Aaron Robertson ’16, of Williamsville, N.Y., are performing this week in “The Wonderful Wizard of College,” a play written to help teach Newark fourth-graders about college and finances. The play was presented by a college awareness program for elementary and middle school students in nearby Newark called PEAK (Providing Early Awareness and Knowledge). The PEAK program is sponsored by A Call to College, an organization founded by Denison graduates Jane Cook McConnell ’56 and the late Louis A. Mitchell ’57 that encourages and assists Newark students in pursuing a college education. Performed at The Works, an interactive learning center in Newark, “The Wonderful Wizard of College” reinforces the relationship between educational attainment and earning power, as well as money management skills. The play was written by Ohio State professor Edie Norlin and retired Newark drama teacher Dennis Kohler (pictured, center above).

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