And the winners are …

When we asked the Denison community to take the Fall 2012 issue of Denison Magazine, which included a nearly all-white cover, and create their own design, they responded with creativity and courage—which was just what we were hoping for.

The original cover.

Some entries were fun, boasting hand-drawn cartoons and hearts stitched into the cover with bright red string. Some took a more serious approach and reflected on tensions in the Middle East, gun violence, and women’s rights. And all of them are now part of the works and scholarship being created in response to this year’s campus-wide theme of Creativity & Courage. The theme guides campus programming and dialogue and is developed each year by the Spectrum Series.

The entries submitted for the Denison Magazine cover contest spurred a lot of conversation among the judges, but in the end, we all agreed, these were the top three creations.

Meet the artists:

First Prize: Jihyun Kim ’16

Second Prize: Ellen Reid ’15

Third Prize: Evan Woodnorth ’16

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