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The world’s a stage

If you happened to walk down the hill to the Fine Arts Quad on the right day this fall, you would have seen students dancing on balconies, across porches, and even in trees. The dances were the first of a series of site-specific movements choreographed by students for their Site Based Composition Class (DANC-287), taught by Sandy Mathern-Smith, associate professor of dance.

The class teaches students to find connections to individual locations, then respond to them through dance. Throughout the course they’ve created a series of three concerts that can only be performed at their unique sites.

The first concert, a series of solos on the Fine Arts Quad, was titled “You Have One Day, where will you start?” Provided with a postcard map of the performances, an audience wandered across the quad, visited dancers in situ and enjoyed the show.

Occasional rain fell during the second concert (a minor hazard), this time held in the Bio Reserve. “The Essence of Detail” was a group of duet works that focused on the landscape. The audience was led down a path surrounding two ponds, and stopped to see the performers at several junctures.

But you’re not too late to take in this uncommon art form. The final performance, titled “(De) constructed,” takes place Sunday, December 14,  at 1 p.m., at the Bryn Du Mansion (537 Jones Road). Come by and watch the students perform solos, and in small and large groups. It’s not often that a final exam can be this much fun.

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