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An adventure to remember

Every summer, just before fall classes begin, a number of first-years decide to put down their smart phones, pick up a backpack, and take a trip into the wilderness. In its 14th year, Denison Outdoor Orientation (DOO) is a chance for incoming students to get to know each other before the first box gets moved into residence halls.

This year, the four-day pre-orientation trip was in the Daniel Boone National Forest of Kentucky.

Students hike, camp, explore, and most importantly, learn about the year to come. In addition to getting to know one another, they are split into small groups led by a faculty member and a past DOO participant. This creates the opportunity to ask questions about classes and life on campus in general.

Anne Finn ’15, a DOO student leader, explained that being in the wilderness creates a special type of bond. “Being outdoors for a few days without any other technological distractions really brings people together. … I honestly feel my experience at Denison would be totally different if I hadn’t been a participant my first year.”

To get a peek of one group’s adventure, watch the video above and enjoy the beauty of Daniel Boone National Forest from the comforts of your own home.

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