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For the village pedalers

If you’re not looking for it, you might just miss the entrance to the Thomas J. Evans Trail in Granville (a.k.a. the Granville Bike Path). Tucked just behind Granville Milling on one side and the old train station on the other, bikers (or walkers or runners) can head right toward Johnstown or left toward Newark for a beautiful tour of the village’s surroundings.

Along the trail, which stretches more than 14 miles, there are plenty of scenic spots to stop and rehydrate or just soak up the view. A few weeks ago, we headed out on the trail ourselves to bring you this video. In addition to all the friendly people we greeted along the way, we spotted two harmless snakes, six deer (including two toddlers on spindly legs), and more squirrels and chipmunks than we could count.

And while summer is a great time to take advantage of the bike path, we’re also looking forward to cooler fall biking and hiking weather—and a trail strewn with colorful leaves.

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