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Ebaugh’s golden

Denison was just recognized with the gold rating for the renovation and expansion of Ebaugh Laboratories, a project that was completed last year.

In 2008, Denison made a major commitment to the environment: All new campus construction from that point on would be built by sustainability standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Within two years, Denison earned its first LEED Gold certification for the reconstruction of the Bryant Arts Center. Now, we have another gold to tout.

The revamped Ebaugh–which now includes an additional 19,000 square feet, classrooms that encourage hands-on, experiential learning, and research space for faculty in the chemistry and biochemistry department—was built to reuse space and building materials from the original labs built back in 1966.

Along with input from faculty and staff, the team, which included JBA Architects PC of Newark, Research Facilities Design of San Diego, Calif., Lincoln construction in Columbus, and Prater Engineering of Dublin, Ohio, were able to repurpose 800 tons of material from the demolition for the project and worked to bring in 20 percent of the new material from local firms and companies ranging no more than 500 miles from campus.

In addition, the team landscaped with native plants to eliminate the need for irrigation at the site; hundreds of pounds of lab materials were donated to local schools to help enhance their science classrooms; indoor air contaminants were nearly eliminated with the use of environmentally friendly paints, sealants, and carpeting; and Facilities Services has even adopted green cleaning practices to reduce chemical exposure in the building. Lastly, nearly 20 percent of the construction materials was made from recycled content.

“The renewed Ebaugh Labs joins the Samson Talbot Hall of Biological Science and the Olin Science Hall in a science quadrangle that makes state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities available to Denison students and professors,” says Denison President Dale Knobel. “It seems especially appropriate that Denison is able to help students gain a scientific understanding of our natural world in a building constructed to respect the natural environment.”

“We’re setting a benchmark for other colleges,” Sonya McKay, associate professor and project shepherd for the 14.5 million renovation, told TheDEN last August. “Ebaugh is the intersection of architecture and education. Everything is designed to inspire.”

Two other construction projects, also built to LEED standards, have been underway all summer. Chamberlin residence hall welcomed students this summer and fall and the new natatorium and expansion of the Mitchell Athletics Center will officially wrap up in the coming months. We’ll report back on those projects when we hear how we rated with the LEED folks.

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