You can grow a garden, too

Colin McCrate ’00 (left) and Brad Halm ’02

Maybe you don’t know arugula from a hole in the ground, but Brad Halm ’02 and Colin McCrate ’00 believe you can grow your own food, and they’ve written a book to help you get it done. It’s called Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Crops at Home.

Recent articles in The Seattle Times and the Akron Beacon Journal tell the story of how Halm and McCrate met at the Homestead, and although neither had been particularly interested in food, “other than eating it,” they both came to enjoy growing organic vegetables. Then, in 2007, they reunited to co-found the Seattle Urban Farm Company, which installs gardens on clients’ properties and teaches them how to grow crops. Most of their clients are individuals, but they’ve also helped schools, restaurants and other businesses.

To get some quick gardening tips from Halm and McCrate, check out The Seattle Times and Beacon Journal articles, or turn your thumb extra green by reading the book. Huffington Post Green named it one of its “Best Beach Reads 2012: Green Home and Gardening Books for the Summer.”

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